The Year of the Horse

It’s Been A Year!

by Ann Ruttan

Hello friends.  This is a long overdue update on my progress as an artist, a rider, a person and most important, the owner of Reuben Morgan Wilder, the infamous black stallion of the Ochocos.  I will assume that readers of this update will know the story of how Reuben came into my life and so […]


Hello friends! I just wanted to pop in to let you know that Reuben and I were in the news! Richard Cockle, of The Oregonian, wrote a lovely article about our journey. You can read all about us here. I hope to have an update soon on Reuben, paintings I’m working on, and life in […]


First Update of 2013

by Ann Ruttan

Hello Friends.  I write Blog Post #1 for 2013 and I am amazed.  Can it be 2013 already?  Can this be the official beginning of my year of the horse? I have an update to share.   A change has occurred that will make my year of painting the wild black stallion much more feasible.  As […]

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Hello again friends.  As I told you, I am not a wildlife painter.  Also, as I told you, this is the year of the horse.   It is quite a challenge and very exciting.  I have been working away on trying to capture Reuben.  As you know, he is a beautiful black horse.  As you probably […]


It is awesome to think that there are people out there actually keeping up with my account of Reuben Morgan Wilder. Originally, I had planned to share a sequential tale of the BLACK STALLION year one, year two, and lead to current events and the art project that is springing from this amazing set of […]


Hello!  Remember many months ago and my announcement about a blog? Well, finally – here is blog number one. I am starting a new project for my art life. This is “The Year of the Horse.” It is a long story and will come in installments. Two years ago, I met a wild black stallion […]