My New Artistic Journey – Part 2

by Ann Ruttan

It is awesome to think that there are people out there actually keeping up with my account of Reuben Morgan Wilder. Originally, I had planned to share a sequential tale of the BLACK STALLION year one, year two, and lead to current events and the art project that is springing from this amazing set of circumstances.  However, things change as life gallops along (notice the clever phrasing).

I have just joined this century and have a Facebook page that joins my friend Kate Beardsley’s Facebook page. Click here to read and view Kate’s story of Reuben, our first meeting, how he got his name and then the chapter from our second encounters the next year.  She is a wonderful writer, and tells the story beautifully. She also shares her fantastic pictures. All of this removes my responsibility to get you updated so I can leap to current events…

REUBEN MORGAN WILDER is now my horse! Or at least, mine and the US Governments’. For the next year, I am his adopter with all the obligations that entails. Yesterday, Kate, Laurie, Marv, and I accompanied Reuben’s fine Forest Service escort to the BLM corrals. I adopted him. I am his person.  WOW.

Reuben's adoption paperwork

The photo above is of my adoption papers, Reuben’s neck tag and the great pink shirt they gave me for adopting him.

This is the official start of what I hope will be a year-long art adventure into new and challenging art work.  I have never painted a horse (well, only one other) and it is something that will be a dynamic process. As I looked at Reuben yesterday (see Kate’s photos and Part 2 of the story), I realized the black of his body is several different shades and textures.  Now, how does one do that so it speaks to the softness of his coat, the thickness of his mane, the glint in his eye?  See what I mean about learning?  There is also the complexity of the musculature, the confirmation, and most important to me, the feeling of it all.   I have so much unexpected emotion when it comes to Reuben, and I would love to capture the personality I see in him.

Shown below is the big canvas Marv made me to start a painting of  the corrals in Burns.

Canvas for Burns corrals

Thank you for joining me in my forays into technological improvements and artistic growth. It is quite an honor to have friends along on this ride. (again, clever phrasing?)


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Becky jayne

Hi Ann I just found you blog… fun to read and what a treat yo see your paintings!,, I think of our painting time and fun with such fondness….good luck and just know I am excited to read more about Raburn and your love affair..
I live in Rancho Mirage , Calf. In the winter and Wilsonville in the summer… I am learning to paint the desert here.. Keep up the writing it is so fun to see it all thru your eyes. Xo Becky


Lois Olson

You take my breath away with not only your artistry but your ability and willingness to put legs to your compassion. This work in progress will be an amazing adventure for us all. Thank you.


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