My New Artistic Journey – Part 3

by Ann Ruttan

Hello again friends.  As I told you, I am not a wildlife painter.  Also, as I told you, this is the year of the horse.   It is quite a challenge and very exciting.  I have been working away on trying to capture Reuben.  As you know, he is a beautiful black horse.  As you probably also know, black means many different things:  glossy; matte; red undertones; blue undertones; etc.  In the case of a horse, there is a mane, tail, and the rest of the animal.  All different shades of black with different light, texture etc.

This is my first portrait of Reuben.

First Portrait of Reuben

A work in progress to be sure.  I painted with a lot of different undertone colors and different brush strokes to try and capture some of the differences in texture and hue.  I am thinking of glazing it with a transparent or semi-transparent black so these undertones will pull through, but he will still be BLACK.  What do you think?

I have also started the big 3’ x5’ canvas with a very general under painting that will be the corral near Burns with all of the wild horses.  That is one big project.  I will keep you posted.  I appreciate the fact that you are reading this.  Thanks!

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Kaye Moreton

I think it is absolutely beautiful. And, I think Reuben will be happy with his portrait too! Kaye



I am going to pass this URL on to my friend, Sarah, the painter I’ve mentioned to you who lives in S. Oregon. She, too, is a lover of horses and has painted them. She will appreciate more than most your Year of the Horse and your attempts to capture the true essence and beauty of Reuben. You are doing great… it is only the second week of January and you have 3 blog posts and 2 paintings started!


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