Reuben and I are in the news!

by Ann Ruttan

Hello friends!

I just wanted to pop in to let you know that Reuben and I were in the news! Richard Cockle, of The Oregonian, wrote a lovely article about our journey. You can read all about us here.

I hope to have an update soon on Reuben, paintings I’m working on, and life in general! ┬áStay tuned!


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Jodi Dann

Hi Ann,

This is a great story in the Oregonian! Just recently I was wondering about where you are showing these days. I have admired your paintings for a long time and used to visit the Lawrence gallery in the Pearl to see what was new. So yesterdays front page was a delight to read about you and this venture with Reuben. What a beautiful horse! I can relate a bit to you looking for the wild horses in the Ochoco Wilderness. My husband and I like to camp at Walton Lake, and last summer driving around and exploring, geo caching etc…we came upon a wild group (8 or so) of horses. That was exciting, there were two colts being protected in the middle at all times as they grazed. We stayed in our truck, but could have touched them with a 10ft pole. I will be watching your blog for new stories about you and Reuben and your year of the horse paintings. What a great feat you have taken on, thank you for saving Reuben.


Jo Newland

The article about you meeting Reuben for the first time was given to me by a friend who knew I have lived and breathed horses since 2 yrs old. I have been an Arabian Horse Professional Trainer for the past 40 years. The Arabian horse has been depicted in Bronze, oils, water colors, etc, which also enhances my love for art. I hope you tell us when your “Year Of The Horse” art show is coming to us. I am so happy you and Reuben are as “one”, there is nothing like the love of a horse, and a dog! Thank you and am looking forward to following your adventures with Reuben, Jo Newland and fur friends, Barkley2 and Sadie


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