Ann Ruttan became an impressionist landscape painter naturally.She was born at the base of Mount Shasta, in the shadow of the Trinity Alps where sensitivity to nature was instilled and became innate. In a household where artistic effort was encouraged her creative interests were nurtured. From an early age she drew and painted, and studied art in school. Attending Chico State College, she studied with Ken Morrow and Janet Turner, both well respected artists in the California art scene. In later years she studied with Jack Portland at Pacific Northwest College of Art.

As a well known impressionist landscape painter she has developed a following of collectors and art appreciators who find the color, mood, mystery, atmosphere, and serenity of her work compelling.She is included in many notable corporate collections including Nordstroms, Wells Fargo Bank, US Bancorp, NW Medical, Pac Trust, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and Pac West.Her work is included in the private collections of many, including Senator and Mrs. Mark Hatfield, Representative Darlene Hooley, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bechen and Gary and Signe Lawrence, owners of the prestigious Lawrence Gallery.She has been invited to do a show at Maryhill Museum of Art in Washington State. She has been a popular and sought after artist for many years and her reputation continues to grow.

Ann’s work has been reflective of the western environment. She has back packed, canoed, and horse camped into remote locations. In the Thomas Moran style she returns to her studio with sketches and field paintings to produce landscape paintings that capture the isolation, the drama, the light and incredible beauty.Her inspiration come from experiencing the wonders of Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Cascade Mountains, Rocky Mountains, Columbia River, River of No Return in Idaho, Willamette Valley and the California deserts. She recently completed a large body of work inspired by following in the footsteps of the Lewis and Clark expedition from North Dakota to the Pacific Ocean.

Her efforts to be a continually improving artist have paid off in many ways.Her paintings have less detail and more evocative abstract qualities. As her work develops the sense of mystery deepens.Her current challenge is to paint the beautiful California deserts.Joshua Tree National Park, AnzaBorrego State Park and Death Valley National Park are subjects she is studying at this time. She is planning to create a body of work that reflects some of the magnificent solitude and subtle color she has discovered. Ann says “I find that less information is more dramatic and interesting.It is a constant challenge to select a few of the compelling elements landscapes present and arrange them in a composition that is reminiscent of the actual, while giving life to the mysterious and imagined. My goal is to express the feeling or mood that each place radiates in a particular moment.”