by Ann Ruttan

Hello Friends,

Welcome again to my web page, AnnRuttan.com.  Thanks to the wonderfully patient Suzi Beech, my web page manager, there are going to be new techno changes on my web page.  Suzi has convinced me that blogging and Facebook are the way people like to communicate now.  So — because she is coaching me — that is what we are going to do.  (“We” meaning Suzi and me – not the Queen Victoria “we”).  Here goes…

As some of you may know, I recently went on a transforming trip to Paris and Turkey.  Sharing in two parts – Paris first – seems manageable for me.  Paris, the City of Light, as we all know, is Artist Heaven!  In addition to all of the wonderful museums and galleries this visit, I got to go to Giverny, Monet’s residence.  Not only was his home fascinating from an art point of view, there were the incomparable gardens and, of course, the pond.  Because of this experience, I am starting a series of “a la Francaise” paintings.  They will be small.  The series of paintings will be about French Lavender, and Mustard and Monet’s wonderful pond.

I could write paragraphs – no – pages about the thoughts I have about paintings thanks to Claude.  His commitment to hsi work, his incredible vision in creating his garden and his pond and his use of paint in such effective ways, were really overwhelming.  Althought I have seen his work before, many times, seeing his home and gardens, and reading an in-depth book about him added so much information that I am dazzled.  The man really was a genius and, like so many committed people, he worked so very hard.

This thought process of mine goes on and on, but I will try and contain myself in this format.  I would like to share a few more artistic musings before I go.  I was recently lucky enough to attend the Rothko opening at the Portland Art Museum with some good friends.  Rothko is fascinating, and there are many parallels in his thought process to Monet’s. Both were utterly committed to their work, and both wanted to share teh spirit they felt.  I feel as though I have just had two wonderful opportunities to learn lots from two artists who are gifts to the world.

Thanks for your interest in my web page and work.


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carolyn frisell

Ann, I was introduced to you by way of your beautiful paintings at the Freed gallery in Lincoln City, OR. I was absolutely moved by your”Blue Horizon” (36 by 48″). I thought about it for a year and then realized that I could possibly find some of your pictures on Freed’s web sight. I signed up just so that I could tell you how much I appreciate your work. I am a “sunday” painter but your paintings have encouraged me to get busy since I have retired. I teach children art during the summer and piano the rest.
Thanks again for your inspiring work in heavenly colors. I know they bring pleasure to the creator!
An admirer, Carolyn Frisell from Tacoma, Seattle area.



Following your trail of breadcrumbs from the recent Facebook “you have notifications” message that landed in my email box I clicked on your painting and lo and behold found your blog. How wonderful. It will give me a whole new view and insight into Ann Ruttan and her world. I am already fully engrossed in The Year of the Horse and your beautiful black stallion. Did you know I did an homage to Rothko in ceramics after seeing his exhibit?


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